Cainiao provides omni-channel global supply chain services for imported commodities, from the collection of goods abroad, warehousing, distribution and line-haul transport, to customs clearance. Cainiao makes use of its competitive edge in the area of warehousing, customs system and smart dispatch in China, and expands its services to the operations of ports, line-haul and warehouses.

Merchants on Tmall Global, Tmall Taobao World, and Kaola can enjoy Cainiao’s direct shipping, customs clearance and commodity inspection, documentation services, bonded and B2B warehousing, order fulfillment, last-mile delivery, and other logistics-related value-added services.


Our services

Merchant services

Comprehensive solutions

Multi-store one-set inventory, multi-platform shipping, cross-border to general trade and live-streaming ecommerce- service are also available for your shipping needs, from luxury goods, wine, OTC, hazardous goods to medium and large items.

Multi-platform delivery

We provide B2C delivery service without minimum order quantity requirements for multiple cross-border e-commerce platforms. We have achieved a high inventory turnover rate through shared inventory slots.

Commercial distribution platform

Cainiao central hub provides merchants with commodity information sharing platform, offering easy access to consumer trends and new distribution channels for business expansion. Besides, merchants are also able to connect with suppliers, resellers, distributors, agencies, sales channels, buyer communities and online streamer through the platform, diversifying channels to reduce costs in cross-border business.

Reverse logistics services

We take the lead in providing merchants with diversified reverse logistics services, including reverse delivery, guaranteed interception, reverse warehousing, and inbound tax refund.

Special services

Supply chain dedicated to China's Hainan Free Trade Port

Cainiao announced its strategic plan to implement global smart supply chain technologies in Hainan to meet the explosive growth in consumer demand in June 2021. This will allow Cainiao to provide a strong logistics infrastructure to support the needs of Hainan’s Free Trade zone, and serve consumers and merchants across the globe with its digitalized full-chain logistics solutions.

Global pharma cold-chain logistics solutions

Cainiao has transported vaccines, medical apparatuses and reagents to countries across the Americas, Africa and Asia.

Our logistics capabilities

International routes

We operated over 300 international routes partnering with over 3,000 logistics partners

International routes

Warehousing and shipping in China

Central warehouse

We have created cost-efficient cross-border logistics hubs for merchants with multi-channel stocking management, storage, transshipment, and delivery, covering 40 central warehouses at 15 bonded ports in Chinese mainland and Hong Kong SAR.

Delivery services in China

We provide merchants with time-sensitive services such as same-day and next-day deliveries. We are not only able to handle special categories like heavy freight, cold chain, large items, and valuables, but also committed to reverse logistics services including interception, rejection, and withdrawal from warehouses.

Allocation network

Cainiao has created a large "bonded allocation" network, connecting over 40 cities in 26 provinces with more than 700 routes in China. We provide businesses with transport and clearance services between and within the bonded zones of all ports, covering scenarios such as stocking, warehousing, and withdrawal from warehouses.

40Chinese cities


This efficient, low-cost logistics service has connected over 40 Chinese cities in 26 provinces with more than 700 routes.

Global warehousing

We operate over 50 local warehouses across 16 countries and regions.

International customs service

We provide full set of customs services for international and cross-border trade, from clearance and logistics to foreign exchange settlement and taxation. Specialized in commodity classification, documentation, and customs clearance, we offer targeted international and cross-border trade guidance and customs solutions, fostering mutual trust between importers, exporters and customs authorities. We also provide standardized digital clearance services that expedite customs processes.