Logistics technology

To serve all sectors of society with its professional ability, it has a variety of self-developed automation hardware and software products, and provides logistics enterprises and the logistics departments of enterprises with intelligent warehousing solutions based on dense storage, and intelligent sorting solutions based on small-piece distribution.
One-stop industry solution
Food retail industry automation solutions
it is suitable for different needs of customers such as snack foods, restaurant chains, and pork processing. Around the food manufacturing industry, Cainiao uses BC's same warehouse storage and picking technology, and utilizes equipment such as four-way shuttle cars, stackers, and AGVs to meet the automation needs of the food manufacturing industry; around pork processing, Cainiao can provide end-to-end automation integration services.
Automation solutions for the daily chemical industry
it is suitable for the automation transformation of raw materials and finished goods warehouses in daily chemical factories, using four-way shuttle cars/stacker cranes, to improve storage efficiency in the factory, as well as using AGV line-feeding for on-line automatic handling, to meet the automation upgrade of unmanned factories. It also uses Cainiao's self-developed WMS, WES, WCS software and hardware integration, combined with Cainiao's years of experience in fast-moving consumer goods industry operations to provide customers with one-stop digital transformation services.
Manufacturing automation solutions
it is suitable for various types of manufacturing enterprises in the logistics automation solutions of raw materials, semi-finished products, finished products storage, picking, and handling links, and can provide an overall scheduling platform, unified and collaborative management of stacker cranes, four-way shuttle cars, AGVs, robotic arms, and other multi-brand and multi-model automation equipment, and advanced digital intelligent products and solutions.
Automation solutions for the agricultural chemical industry
it is suitable for various types of automated warehousing and logistics software and hardware solutions (AS/RS, pallet shuttle system, AGV, automatic loading, RFID, WMS, WES, WCS, TMS, and algorithms, etc.), in line with the requirements of the agricultural chemical industry (first-level energy efficiency, full frequency conversion, equipment and facility safety, high temperature resistant wiring, BMS, independent charging room design).
Self-developed hardware
Four-way Pallet Mover
A rail-mounted robot product designed for industries such as logistics warehousing and smart factories. It has the ability to move horizontally in four directions and can work with lifts to achieve pallet handling in three-dimensional space, effectively utilizing vertical space to increase storage density in warehouses. It realizes the "tray-to-person" business model, and is widely used in material storage and line-side logistics scenarios in multiple industries.
Cross-belt sorter
A conveyor sorting system that travels at high speed in a horizontal closed circular fixed track and can realize carrying and sorting items. It is especially suitable for postal service, express delivery, e-commerce and distribution centers (pharmaceuticals, food, tobacco, cosmetics, and apparel, etc.) and other operational scenarios that require high capacity and multiple sorting flows.
Narrowband sorting machine
an efficient and cost-effective multi-functional sorting equipment, mainly used in logistics, express delivery, e-commerce and other industries. The narrowband sorting machine has obvious advantages in sorting large and small goods, complex goods categories, fluctuating unloading efficiency, and high flow requirements in logistics sorting.
Self-developed PLC
an industrial control specialized computer system, known as the "industrial brain", which can control various types of automation equipment and production processes. The self-developed PLC by Cainiao has a small size, strong performance, and convenient use. Through the European Union CE certification, it can be operated in harsh industrial environments around the clock. It has been widely used in Cainiao automation projects.
CN-Auto Core Software
Automated Warehouse Execution System
Warehouse Execution System. It can support multiple business scenarios and processes in series and parallel, improve business efficiency with industry-leading algorithms.
Automated Warehouse Control System
Warehouse Control System. It can support unified scheduling of mainstream automation equipment, and efficient operation through collaborative scheduling of multiple machine models.
Cooperation cases
Inovance Automotive
Cainiao Logistics Technology and Inovance Automotive has cooperated on a fully unmanned logistics project that covers more than 60 complex business scenarios, including automatic ordering, production line distribution, and box-to-person picking. It integrates more than 30 different types of automation equipment, with as many as 6 types of AGV alone, as well as interfaces with more than a dozen upstream and downstream systems.
By building fully automated operation equipment, replacing the pace of picking personnel with “AGV goods to people” equipment, and replacing traditional high forklifts and shortage of personnel with high volume storage three-dimensional shelves with “four-way shuttle trucks”, the operation efficiency and storage capacity are greatly improved, and the pressure of personnel operation is reduced. It greatly improves the operation efficiency and storage capacity, and reduces the pressure of personnel operation.
The WCS automation control system, intelligent AI algorithms, AGV intelligent robots, mechanical arms, and cross-belt sorting machines are all used in this center to improve supply chain efficiency and ensure efficient delivery to stores. By combining technologies such as 5G, IoT, and blockchain, the entire process has been automated and digitized.
Ningbo Great Group
Cainiao Logistics Technology has created a smart logistics solution with mixed-field scheduling capabilities for Ningbo Greater Group. With the help of this solution, the intelligent factory project has achieved a 25% increase in production efficiency and a 22% reduction in operating costs. At the same time, personnel operations can be mixed and scheduled using various automated devices such as AGV robots and unmanned forklifts in different scenarios and areas.
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