Cainiao Guoguo

China Logistics

In China, Cainiao is a top e-commerce supply chain solution provider and the largest reverse logistics solution provider.

Cainiao is focused on creating leading e-commerce logistics solutions, leveraging our deep e-commerce insights and technology capabilities to create innovative solutions. Including a suite of end-to-end standardized supply chain solutions that can be applied on a massive scale across various industries, and a premium express delivery service with a differentiated combination of superior service quality, tailored for e-commerce, at low costs and reverse logistics capabilities. The three main business segments include China supply chain, Cainiao Express, and Cainiao Guoguo.

Cainiao Guoguo

Cainiao Guoguo is a service under the Cainiao Group that specializes in reverse logistics and parcel delivery.

Cainiao Guoguo collaborates with multiple logistics providers through its online digital platform, utilizing platform algorithms and logistics partnerships to efficiently match express delivery networks and unify service standards. This provides timely and convenient return and exchange services for consumers on e-commerce platforms, as well as convenient and reliable parcel delivery services for consumers and small businesses.

Personal Shipment

Cainiao Guoguo provides you with a standard express delivery service that is "affordable, rich in services, worry-free and guaranteed, and convenient for multi-channel ordering."

Service Advantages
Comprehensive Services
We provide a wide range of services covering e-commerce returns, daily necessities, large items, high-value items, cross-border, batch shipping, etc., to meet various shipping needs
Worry-Free and Guaranteed Shipping
Enjoy compensation for overtime, loss and damage, privacy protection, and technology-enabled full tracking of every step of the parcel.
Convenient Multi-Channel Ordering
We support ordering through Taobao/Tmall APP, Alipay, WeChat, Cainiao App, Xianyu, and doorstep pickup. At the same time, you can choose from a variety of offline shipping methods, including shipping from Cainiao Post and other designated shipping points.
Core Service

Scan the QR code to send express delivery using Cainiao Guoguo.

Merchant Shipment

One-stop express delivery service for merchants, in cooperation with other express service providers such as STO Express, YTO Express, Yunda Express, ZTO Express, Cainiao Express, etc. We choose local express outlets with high-quality services and strict supervision over timeliness and service efficiency, creating a high-standard, high-security, punctual, safe, and reliable shipping environment.

Service Advantages
01 Convenience
One-click drop-off
We offer one-click ordering on the online platform and support Alipay password-free withholding ERP/ISV order delivery on both mobile/computer platforms
Free to-up form
No need to top-up e-waybill, saving communication costs for outlets
Flexible billing
Merchants can pay on a daily/weekly/monthly basis, with flexible settlement and reduced capital turnover pressure
02 Hassle-free
Logistics monitoring
Full course logistics monitoring, issues with order can be seen online
Delayed payment
Reimbursements can be applied for orders placed before 17:00 and not picked up
Lost and damaged goods will be compensated
Maximum compensation for lost or damaged goods is 2000 RMB, with no requirement to disclose price of goods
03 Reduced costs
Reduced costs
Customized price
For merchants of different sizes, there are three quotation options: daily staggered price, VIP one-time price, and one price per customer
No price increase during promotion
Standard and transparent pricing without increases during major promotions
Regular shipping promotions for new and existing merchants, with comprehensive and diverse benefits such as coupons and add value/top-up cards
Core Service
Qian Niu App: “Express Service” Mini Program
Alipay: “Cainiao Merchant Shipping” Mini Program
Weixin: “Cainiao Merchant Shipping”
Shipping platform
Learn more
Qian Niu App: “Express Service” Mini Program
Alipay: “Cainiao Merchant Shipping” Mini Program
Weixin: “Cainiao Merchant Shipping”
For more information on shipping,
please follow: "Cainiao Merchant Shipping" WeChat official account.
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