Logistics asset services

Technology and Other Services

As a smart logistics enterprise, Cainiao has established a logistics network that is supported by the most advanced technology, and we continuously innovate in the research and application of digital technology. Our independently developed advanced technologies include intelligent hardware, automation, IoT, and artificial intelligence. These technologies enable us to achieve intelligent control of key network nodes, effectively handle various peak demands, and provide a highly flexible and predictable network operation with exceptional efficiency.

Our technology and other services primarily consist of the Cainiao Post Solution, Cainiao App, logistics technology, and logistics asset services. Through these technical solutions, we have built the world's largest digitalized "pick-up, drop-off" network and have developed the most widely used logistics app in the world.

Logistics Asset Services
Based on its global intelligent logistics infrastructure network and technological
capabilities, Cainiao provides customers with technology-enabled logistics facility
asset management solutions, including site selection, development and
construction, leasing and operation, and property management.
Domestic Logistics Facilities Services
Establishing a network of service points to improve service levels
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Global logistics facility services
Intelligent hubs to boost global trade flows
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Industrial Park Facility Services
Create industrial value by establishing an ecosystem
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Airport Ground Handling Services
Facilitate overseas business expansion while improving cross-border
circulation efficiency
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Digital Asset Management Services
Facilitate digital upgrades to enhance asset value
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Service case
Serving the cloud needs of Cainiao's industrial Internet ecosystem
customers and partners.
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