Logistics asset services

Airport Ground Handling Services
We offer efficient, reliable, and secure end-to-end air cargo terminal operations and customized services
for the development, construction, and operation of aviation logistics parks within the global air freight network.
Air Cargo Terminal Services
We provide a comprehensive range of services, including customs clearance, inspection, handling, transit shipment, and storage,
ensuring the smooth and efficient flow of goods between the aircraft cabin and the warehouse. Air cargo terminal services form a
vital pillar in the infrastructure of aviation ground support.
Value-Added Logistics
We provide customers with customized value-added logistics services, including ground operations for land-air cargo transportation, import warehouse operations, RFID tagging/retagging, special cargo handlings, etc., to meet the diversified business needs of customers.
Cargo Freight Ground Handling
We offer ground handling services that comply with IATA standards, including cargo terminal and apron operation for primary and secondary cargo stations. Our services encompass loading and unloading, consolidation, sorting, transshipment, and cargo warehousing for inbound and outbound flights. Additionally, we aid with customs documentation, information, and clearance procedures for cargo entering or leaving the airport.
Digital Solutions
We assist customers in streamlining their processes, enhancing operational efficiency, and reducing operational costs. Leveraging technological advancements like big data, IoT, and AI algorithms, we make end-to-end digitalized operation and management of air cargo terminals possible. Our ESP system provides intelligent solutions such as park management, electronic platforms, advanced security screening, RFID, portable mobile terminals, and AGV, facilitating seamless integration of people, cargo, facilities, and equipment.
Air Logistics Park Customized Services
Our comprehensive services cover the entire "development - construction - operation"
journey for aviation logistics parks, supporting business innovation and breakthroughs.
With dedicated development and operations teams and a digitalized operations and
management platform, we cater to the entire lifecycle of aviation logistics parks and
offer tailored management services to meet each customer's unique needs.
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