Logistics asset services

Industrial Park Facility Services
We serve the industry ecosystems of the new economy, offering premium office spaces, operational management,
and comprehensive industry support to both upstream and downstream enterprises, as well as ecological partners.
We are presently concentrating on three industrial park types: e-commerce, tech research, and smart manufacturing.
Value Creators for Industrial Ecological Ecosystems Fostering an ecological environment for growth and cooperation
Cainiao Smart Park: Smart Logistics Ecosystem Hub
Adjacent to Cainiao headquarters and anchored in Alibaba/Cainiao ecosystem, Cainiao Smart Park is centered around "industry services" to build a cluster for smart logistics, artificial intelligence, and data-driven services, while bringing together forward-looking partners to create a global powerhouse for industrial innovation.
Cainiao Golden Park: National
E-commerce Demonstration Base
Powered by the core engine of "Alibaba Connect + Five Major Service Systems", Cainiao Golden Park, a multifunctional, pioneering center for e-commerce services and a new standard for the fusion of industry and urban development, gathers new media operations, cross-border trade, e-commerce services, and digital industry enterprises, to create a 5A-grade hub for the e-commerce industry.
Cainiao Cloud Park: Cloud-enabled Smart Ecosystem Base
Situated next to the Alibaba Cloud headquarters and driven by the mission to serve the innovative development needs of Alibaba/Cainiao, Cainiao Cloud Park, with cloud ecosystem and cloud services at its core, connects Alibaba Cloud's key partners, national-level innovation platforms, and typical industry-application enterprises to build a national cloud-enabled smart ecosystem base.
Smart Park platform providing
smart office services for enterprises
Hub platform
for industrial eco-services
Demonstration base
for global market factors
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