Cainiao Express

China Logistics

In China, Cainiao is a top e-commerce supply chain solution provider and the largest reverse logistics solution provider.

Cainiao is focused on creating leading e-commerce logistics solutions, leveraging our deep e-commerce insights and technology capabilities to create innovative solutions. Including a suite of end-to-end standardized supply chain solutions that can be applied on a massive scale across various industries, and a premium express delivery service with a differentiated combination of superior service quality, tailored for e-commerce, at low costs and reverse logistics capabilities. The three main business segments include China supply chain, Cainiao Express, and Cainiao Guoguo.

Cainiao Express
Cainiao’s self-operated high-quality express delivery is easy to use and cost effective.

Cainiao Express is a self-operated express delivery brand launched by Cainiao Group. It is a high-quality express delivery service differentiated by a bespoke combination of cost and service quality that caters specifically to e-commerce.

Through a national self-operated network in China, Cainiao Express provides one-stop fast, reliable, and punctual express delivery services such as doorstep pick-up, transit delivery, interception in transit, reverse returns, and after-sales customer service for merchants and brands in many channels such as Tmall Supermarket. Currently, it provides next-morning, next-day and on-demand doorstep services in 300 cities, with the highest doorstep delivery rate in the industry among express delivery companies on the Taobao and Tmall platforms.

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Core Services
Half-day Delivery
Standard Express
Premium Services
Guaranteed Service
Promised Interception/return
One-Click Forwarding
Pre-Sale Sinking
Packaging Service
Password Delivery
Paper Receipt
Privacy Receipt
Electronic Receipt
Service Advantages
Fast timeliness
half a day at the fastest
Guarantee doorstep services
otherwise compensation offered
Available for as few as one item delivery
the last order is until 22:00
Inclusive pricing
affordable for small and medium businesses
Brand Stories
T-Mall Supermarket
Cainiao Express provides high-quality doorstep delivery services for T-Mall Supermarket. With extensive coverage throughout China, it provides same-day delivery, half-day delivery and other fast services, allowing above-industry consumer satisfaction in key cities.
Yili Group
Cainiao Express collaborated with Cainiao Supply Chain to provide Yili Group with optimal warehouse distribution services, resulting in a decrease in logistic related complaints. Compared with similar stores, the return rate decreased, logistics costs are lower, and the level of contribution from regular customers is significantly higher.
Adopt a Cow
Cainiao Express has built a "transportation and delivery" end-to-end fulfillment and monitoring system for Adopt a Cow. It tracks region-wide special operations to follow up on the entire project, unify service standards, respond quickly, and provide doorstep delivery with money-back guarantee.
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