Strategy and Objectives
Cainiao integrates ESG concepts into its business management and development, and committes to becoming a responsible corporate citizen for our customers, employees, and society, contributing to a better life and a more sustainable future.
ESG Governance Framework
Cainiao places a high priority on sustainable development management. Based on a comprehensive consideration of the company's current operations and pioneering experience, it has constructed a four-tier, top-to-bottom ESG management framework that covers all levels of the management to ensure that ESG and sustainable development efforts are implemented
Board Sustainability Committee
This is the highest decision-making body for the company's ESG efforts, responsible for guiding the company's ESG development strategy.
ESG Core Strategy Committee
The Committee is composed of the CEO and general managers of all business units to promote the high-quality development of the business with ESG in mind.
ESG Task Force
The task force comprises of the chief strategist, ESG functional departments, and representatives of each business unit with the aim to promote the normalization of sustainable development governance.
Businiess and Functional Departments
They are responsible for executing specific ESG-related tasks according to established management indicators and systems, and reporting regularly to the ESG Task Force.
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