Republic of China, and applicable laws and regulations. We have formulated relevant policies and systems, such as the "Cainiao Employee Handbook," "Business Code of Conduct," and "Cainiao Care Fund Policy", to protect employees’ rights and interests, prohibit any form of discrimination, adopt a zero-tolerance policy towards child labor and forced labor, while building harmonious labor relations, understanding the needs of employees, and shaping a caring Cainiao welfare system, with the aim to create a healthy and welcoming workplace experience for employees.
  • Protecting the rights of female employees
    Who account for 30% of the company's workforce
    30 %
  • Introducing “ihome Cainiao Nest”
    Provide interest-free home financing loans for employees
  • Staff training
    Provided interest-free home financing loans for employees
  • Building “Sunshine Station”
    Offer mental health counseling for employees
  • Workplace Diversity
    We welcome professional talents from different industries and backgrounds, and firmly prohibit discrimination based on gender, ethnicity, religious beliefs, cultural background, etc. We are committed to safeguarding the rights of female employees, and as of the end of the 2023 fiscal year, female employees accounted for 30% of our workforce.
  • Special Welfare
    We have launched the "ihome Cainiao Nest" to provide interest-free housing loans for employees. We also provide timely assistance to employees with financial difficulties through the Employee Care Fund and help employees with special needs to work and live better through the Disability Care Fund. Employees also enjoy special holidays such as full-pay sick leave, single-child companion leave, and childcare leave. We also strive to improve the work environment of our stations, optimize our campus canteens, upgrading accommodation conditions, and creating a caring, comfortable, and warm working environment for frontline employees.
  • Health Insurance
    We provide all employees with physical checkup, personal insurance (including death, disability, and critical illness insurance), and offer employees and their family members with million-yuan-coverage medical insurance (high-coverage medical insurance), outpatient and inpatient insurance, and other optional business insurance packages. We have also set up "Sunshine Station" mental health counseling platform for employees and an instant counseling hotline for station managers. We also regularly organize health-related activities, and share health tips to help employees alleviate work pressure.
  • Employee Training
    Cainiao has built the "Cainiao Academy" internal platform to provide employees with comprehensive learning courses. We have developed diverse training workshops, and adopted a course development system of "self-taught content+ external knowledge sharing + internalization." We have developed a series of courses that are tailored to the industry and industry internet and suitable for both young people and leaders. There are more than 1,500 online and offline courses, meeting the skill improvement needs of employees in different positions and levels, and equipping them with an international perspective and forward-thinking mindset.
  • Enhancing Frontline Experience
    Leveraging our digital advantages, Cainiao optimizes meeting processes, streamlines approval processes, and improves internal work efficiency. By improving the work environment of stations, optimizing campus canteens, upgrading accommodations, and other methods, we strive to improve the workplace experience of frontline employees.
Workplace Diversity
Special Welfare
Health Insurance
Employee Training
Enhancing Frontline Experience
Emergency Logistics
As a logistics company that values social responsibility, Cainiao has improved its institutional systems and strengthened its resilience in emergency logistics management. We actively undertake the emergency transportation of global disaster relief materials. At the same time, we share our digital emergency logistics management solutions, optimize the public welfare logistics management system, and help promote transparency and digitization of public welfare logistics. As a result, we have effectively enhanced the emergency logistics management capabilities of governments and public welfare organizations.
  • A global logistics partner of the World Food Programme
  • Cooperated with 29 charitable organizations
Strengthening Resilience in Emergency Logistics
We have established standardized procedures for emergency logistics management, with the direct involvement of the CEO in decision-making and command. A specialized team takes the lead, ensuring hierarchical response and decision-making. Moreover, we integrate advanced digital capabilities like IoT technology and AGV smart hardware into disaster preparedness and relief, enhancing the efficiency of emergency management.
Ensuring Reliable Logistics for Pandemic Supplies
Our dedicated emergency warehouses in rural areas facilitate the quick delivery of essential medical supplies, including oximeters and oxygenators, to local healthcare facilities. We actively participate in the transportation of crucial emergency supplies for global disasters, collaborating with over 50 logistics service providers worldwide to offer free transportation services for medical-related materials to more than 150 countries.
Enhancing Visibility in the Delivery of Public Welfare Goods
We leverage our well-established commercial logistics expertise and cutting-edge digital technologies to enhance philanthropic logistics. We collaborate with 29 non-profit organizations and institutions, including the United Nations World Food Programme and the China Foundation for Rural Development, to construct emergency logistics systems and solutions to elevate the transparency, digitization and precision of philanthropic logistics.
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